The dizzying development of technology and the medium and large-sized companies that keep pace with this development are moving faster. SMEs that cannot digitalize are lagging behind this development and have problems both in their internal processes and in finding new customers. Digitalization not only enables SMEs to improve their own processes, but also to speak the language of their customers and find new customers through digitalization. So what kind of problems can SMEs face if they do not digitalize?

Inventory Management Problem

SMEs trying to manage their stocks through simple excel spreadsheets or written papers are always losing due to the forgetfulness of human nature and they have problems with managing their stocks. While managing customer orders and ordering new raw materials, any SME should be able to see the products in stock with the color, type, weight and expiration date of that product by pulling a report with a single click and act accordingly. SMEs that fail to do so are bound to experience problems and delays with large orders.

Data Security

Keeping a server in the cabin is a step towards digitalization, but this digitalization needs to be improved. SMEs that do not use cloud infrastructure have problems securing their data in case of an attack. They cannot access their data due to energy or infrastructure problems. Cloud technology allows you to access your old data at any time with the snapshot method and protects your data thanks to a more secure infrastructure.

Finding New Customers

SMEs that do not use web and mobile-oriented technologies have serious problems in acquiring new customers, finding dealers and expressing themselves. For example, a prospective customer who wants to buy a product or service over the internet cannot find a SME that does not have a website and cannot request a product or service. At this point, SMEs need to have an online presence for new customers.


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Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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