It is a fact that visual works and videos attract more attention than text-based content. Statistical studies also show this. So nowadays people want to access things without bothering to read. This is best accomplished through photos and videos.

Social media
The most important aspect of management is to bring engagement to the managed brand.

Even though Facebook content includes video, it does not show up in Google searches, and similarly, Twitter content does not show up in search results, leaving accounts to interact within the medium. When we consider that blog content is only for search engines and most of its interaction comes from search engines, brands have had to look for a way out. Although it lags behind other social networks in terms of interaction, both the importance of the number of views and the fact that it is listed on the first page of search engines have increased the importance of Youtube videos.

YouTube can be seen as a good marketing space for many brands. With content such as product reviews, real-life use of products, explanations, interviews, the brand can reach many people on Youtube. Because people also search on Youtube and can easily see the comments of people who have experienced a product, someone else’s interview, how to use a product in real life, etc. on Youtube. With these and many other opportunities, YouTube is the most effective weapon for brands to reach their target audience.

To see YouTube as a video platform is to underestimate its potential. Youtube is actually a big social network with its live streaming feature, its influence on Google and its users interacting with it. We can say that a brand that feeds here has established its social media strategy correctly.

When they founded YouTube in 2006, those who saw that the future was in video perhaps didn’t think it would come to this. We may have underestimated Youtube by thinking of it as a video site. Youtube is one of the favorite channels of marketers with its many features and this will not change in the future. 360-degree video support and the ability to upload and watch 4K videos will make YouTube a more powerful platform. YouTube is indispensable for brands.

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Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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