There are many ways to sell online. The most complex of these is the e-commerce site. Today, many companies also sell their products through e-commerce sites. This is one of the important factors that enable many companies to enter this field. In fact, due to the pandemic that marked 2020, people have developed the habit of shopping online.

This has further contributed to the future of e-commerce. But a very big problem remains. E-commerce site management is a very tedious work. E-commerce management, which has many variables, is not just about setting up a website. Variables from many different fields such as cargo management, digital marketing, content management, SEO are also involved. Naturally, companies need to allocate a certain budget and employ employee(s) to carry out this work within their own organization. This can put a strain on companies. E-commerce consultancy, which prevents this situation, provides great benefits to many companies. Working with an e-commerce consultancy agency will be the right decision.

What is E-Commerce Consultancy?

Setting up an e-commerce site can be simpler than expected. And how to manage it in the right way? E-commerce has many variables. It is necessary to have knowledge in many subjects such as stock management, shipping, marketing, customer service, e-commerce site management. Not only that, but also employing people to control them and constantly monitoring the process.

Seeing this weight of e-commerce site management, companies either open their mouths about the budget and establish a department or get support from an e-commerce consultant. So what is this e-commerce consultancy? We can summarize it briefly as follows: E-commerce consultancy is to assist and guide the company in all stages of the e-commerce process. This work of assisting and guiding progresses to personally managing the process in large-scale e-commerce operations. In this case, e-commerce consultancy agency emerges.

What Does E-Commerce Consulting Agency Do?

E-commerce consultancy agencies are agencies that guide the company or manage the process in small, medium or large e-commerce operations. In these agencies, studies are carried out by people who are knowledgeable and experienced in e-commerce. Naturally, more than one person in an e-commerce consulting agency can work on the e-commerce operation. An e-commerce consultancy agency works on the following topics:


An e-commerce site is essentially an internet software. This software needs to be created from scratch or one of the ready-made infrastructures needs to be themed and used. Since not every company can allocate large budgets for e-commerce software, ready-made infrastructures are generally preferred. This makes it imperative to keep software stable at all times or to respond immediately to problems.

An e-commerce consultancy agency works on ensuring the continuity of the infrastructure for the company it provides consultancy to with its software developers. If necessary, it can also take on the task of building infrastructure or writing infrastructure from scratch.

E-Commerce Site Management

It is not enough to set up the infrastructure in an e-commerce operation. This infrastructure needs to be enriched with products and their content needs to be organized. In addition to these, there are also stages such as sales control, shipping process, product supply. E-commerce consultancy agency helps its customers in this regard.

The e-commerce site management, which is one of the most critical stages of this operation, such as product entry, pricing, supply management and shipping management will be controlled by the agency. This brings advantages such as avoiding congestion, preventing confusion, and realizing sales accurately.

Market Place Management

E-commerce is realized not only through specialized e-commerce software but also through large marketplaces. In addition to Turkey’s major e-commerce marketplace infrastructures such as N11, Gittigidiyor, Hepsiburada, there are also large companies such as Amazon. In this case, it may be necessary to get support from professionals in order to keep up with all of them and to sell the products here.

E-commerce consultancy agency also helps companies in marketplaces. This process is managed through activities such as advancing the entire process, such as installation and management, or conducting trainings for the person working within the company.


One of the most important stages of an e-commerce operation is marketing. In particular, digital marketing activities should be carried out completely and this area should be given great importance. Because most of the customers are digital. Work should be done at many points such as social media management, advertising management, content marketing. This must be carried out by professionals. The e-commerce consultancy agency can manage the digital marketing side of the e-commerce operation. In this way, a marketing activity can be realized as it should be. As a result, the target audience is reached and product sales are realized.

Customer Service

It is not always enough to publish, market and sell the product on the site. In addition to these, it is also necessary to perform customer service. Activities such as listening to customers’ complaints, checking product delivery, answering questions should be carried out. While this is easy in the early days of an e-commerce operation, it becomes a problem as the volume of sales grows. For this, the service is provided by the experience and, if necessary, the employees of the e-commerce consultancy agency. Where necessary, the agency works for customer service. Or it provides training to the people who will carry out the transactions within the company and the process is ensured to proceed smoothly.

What is Included in E-Commerce Consulting Service?

In an e-commerce operation, it is not always easy for the company to know what it needs. While the company does not receive consultancy in areas where it is good at, it can procure services in areas where it has problems. In this case, what is included in the e-commerce consultancy service is determined by the attitude of the company. Therefore, the e-commerce consulting agency first checks the situation and determines what is needed.

It prepares an offer for this and presents it to the customer. The customer should seek assistance with the issues mentioned in this offer for the continuity of the e-commerce operation. Because companies that try to solve the process within the company usually fail in e-commerce operations. Because some issues must be handled by professionals. In this context, the status of the company will influence what is included in this service.

E-Commerce Consultancy Service Fees

The e-commerce consultancy agency determines which titles and contents it will serve companies by analyzing. This analysis reveals the existence of needs in various areas. The company will decide which of these studies to choose. When we consider these, we can see that e-commerce consultancy will not have a standard fee. Because the size and needs of the operation will determine these fees. Therefore, it would be the best decision to work with experienced agencies rather than pricing.

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We have provided consultancy and process management services to many well-known companies. You can access our references page . Regardless of the title, if you are looking for an e-commerce consultancy agency or if you need e-commerce consultancy, you can contact us.

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