Social Media Account Management

Social media is a two-way communication medium. On social media, both the people who use the accounts and those who reply to them convey their messages. Therefore, simply sharing content is not enough in social media management. Because comments are made on shared content and questions are sent to accounts via private messages. In this case, it is necessary to respond to these comments and questions at any time of the day, to take the necessary measures in case of negativity and to indicate this to the relevant persons.

In the social media moderation service, all kinds of feedback from the audience is evaluated. As a result of the review, comments and questions are marked as positive, negative or neutral and answers are given in appropriate patterns for each. At the end of each semester, this feedback is evaluated and the success of the social media work is determined.

As Digibus, we carry out detailed studies for the companies we offer social media moderation services and offer this work in the best way. We serve as the customer’s call center in the digital world by using the moderation patterns we have prepared for all kinds of situations. We act as a bridge between the company and the target audience as a result of the returns we make with the language we determine according to the target audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media Moderation?

Processing and responding to all kinds of feedback from social networks through comments and private messages.

At what intervals is social media moderation performed?

Working hours for moderation are determined according to the request of the person or organization and the intensity of social networks. For those who do not receive a lot of feedback, service is provided during working hours, while for busy social media accounts, service is provided even during the night shift.

Which Networks are Included in Social Media Moderation?

Moderation is carried out in every social network where a person or organization is contacted.

What is Included in Moderation Service?

The content of the social media moderation service includes returning comments and messages sent from social media platforms, determining the moderation patterns to be used while providing this return, and using these moderation patterns in accordance with the social media language of the brand or person.

Is Reporting Conducted?

Monthly reports include the results of social media moderation and are shared with the client on the designated day.

How can we help you?

You can contact us for information about sales, customer requests and business partnerships.

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