E-Commerce Checkup

Thanks to the e-commerce checkup program, which is completely free of charge, you can learn the score of your e-commerce site. For e-commerce sites, it is no longer enough to have a good software and hosting infrastructure. E-commerce sites that explain the product in the best way to customers and prospective customers and make sales are more successful. The e-commerce sector, where even the first mail to the customer is important, continues to grow day by day.

We analyze and report the e-commerce site you check-up under headings such as number of visitors, SEO visibility, design, user experience, external mails, product descriptions, product images, customer lifecycle, etc. free of charge.

You can benefit from the e-commerce chekup service by filling out the application form below.


Application Form

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is your e-commerce checkup service free?

    Our e-commerce checkup service is a free service. From Digibus if you wish
    e-commerce consultancy
    you can get service.

    What do you check within the scope of e-commerce checkup?

    Using the information you submit via the form above and acting as a customer on your e-commerce site, we check the following headings;

    1. Number of visitors to your e-commerce site
    2. SEO visibility
    3. Design
    4. User experience
    5. External mails
    6. Product descriptions
    7. Product images
    8. Customer lifecycle

    How soon can I get my report?

    Your e-commerce checkup report, which we create specifically for your company, is delivered within 3 days at the latest.