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With the increase in the number of internet users, every family and institution is now in a position to train its employees over the internet with a minimum internet infrastructure. This is just one of the reasons why classroom-independent homeschooling is becoming more popular. The convenience of home education and the fact that you can reach hundreds of students at the same time is one of the issues that strengthen home education. As Digibus, we are developing and launching platforms for the following institutions or organizations to provide online education over the internet. Institutions and organizations we serve;

  • Classrooms
  • Private Schools
  • Civil Society Organizations
  • Foundation Universities
  • Companies

service headings

Online Education Platform Setup

We set up the platform where students and instructors can log in, view courses and training notes on the domain or subdomain of your choice.

Establishment of Live Broadcasting Infrastructure

We are adding the feature where your instructors can teach your students live to the education infrastructure. In this way, you can both create classes and enter lecture notes and organize live trainings specific to classes.

Creating Classes and Subjects

We transfer the education system you have already created to your online system with all the details. This work is the creation of all headings such as classes, instructors, lecture notes, etc.

Cloud Hosting Setup

Since many people listen to live lectures at the same time and the use of the system will create serious traffic, we are building a cloud system that has its own backup system and will not slow down in high access.

why distance education?

How to Study Online?

It is a more strategic decision to use VKontakte, which is popular in Russia, instead of focusing on Facebook in your social media promotion or marketing efforts for Russia.

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Free Online Education Platforms

If social media management is to be done for e-commerce sites, it becomes a little different and measurement becomes more important. Our blog post on the subject is coming soon!

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5 Real Time Marketing Example

Real-time marketing is actually a small news hack to bring your brand to the forefront. Our blog post on the subject will be published very soon.

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our distance education setup process

benefits of online education

flexibility & unlimited resources

Students are available 24/7, they can review topics they do not understand and reach their teachers whenever they need to.

lifelong learning

Online education provides users with lifelong learning opportunities.

teacher advantage

can create materials from a wide range of sources, taking into account student needs and, if necessary, blend different materials for different classes.

fast communication

You can communicate with your students more quickly and benefit from their insights.

move to the internet now!