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In order to represent events such as festivals, events and fairs in the best digital way, we provide services both in the digital and event area before and during the event. In addition to online and offline design services such as social media management, photo shoots, video shoots, posters and invitations for events, we provide live monitoring of events. Our active field team takes part in both photo and video shooting operations during the event. You can see some of the events we have served so far below;

  • Likefest (2 Semesters)
  • International Magazine Fair (2 Periods)
  • Ankara Marriage Preparations Festival and Fair
  • Racing to Save Lives (Medicana)
  • Far Route Travel Summit

service headings

Event Website

We produce Google and mobile compatible (responsive) websites for events. We create important pages on the website such as application, event calendar, press kit, participants, speakers, etc.

Event Social Media Management Service

We create the appropriate social media sites for your event and develop a content strategy. We actively manage social media channels before and during the event.

Event Graphic Design Service

We produce all the posters, brochures, business cards, invitations, billboards and other outdoor designs that events need.

Event Photography Service

During the event, we carry out live photo shoots with a story that will reflect the spirit of the event through our field team.

Event Live Video Shooting Service

During the event, we broadcast and moderate your event live to your audience via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Drone Shooting Service

We shoot drone footage in 4K quality in event areas that are suitable for drone shooting and we ensure that these videos are published on social media accounts through our digital team.

tips for good event management

What Should Event Management Social Media Look Like?

Since the time for the publications you will make on social media while managing the event is quite short, it is necessary to differentiate in content diversification.

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10 Impressive Event Photos

We selected 10 photographs that reflect the vibrancy and spirit of the events.

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5 Websites to Live Stream Events

We have listed 5 different websites where you can broadcast live at events. Details coming soon on our blog.

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our business and product analysis process

benefits of digital event management

visitor growth

Events that are well represented on digital platforms increase the number of visitors.

finding a sponsor

Events that are strong in digital find sponsors more easily due to the large number of people they reach.

increase in participating companies

Booth sales and the number of exhibitors increase rapidly.

visitor audience expands

It attracts more visitors.

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