Who are we?

Digibus is Turkey’s first digital business development agency that manages business development, digitalization management, digital product development, social media and digitalization processes of businesses and brands multilingually. Founded in 2013, Digibus has been serving its customers with its self-developed “Connections Methodology” for the last 11 years.

Thanks to this unique methodology, Digibus has successfully served dozens of clients in various industries such as e-commerce, healthcare, technology, construction, energy, banking, publishing houses, textiles, education, event management and tourism. Digibus believes in the power of a good idea and it is these ideas that form the basis of his work. By continuously developing its sectoral experience, it offers the best solutions for its customers and integrates these solutions into its business models.

With its ever-growing customer portfolio and increasing sectoral experience, Digibus aims to add value to the business processes of businesses and brands in all areas it serves and to move them forward.

Our priorities

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Finding good ideas
  • Continuous improvement
  • Requirements analysis
  • Good idea integration
  • Technological development
  • Maximizing agency brand integration

Our Targets

It will be updated very soon.

How can we help you?

You can contact us for information about sales, customer requests and business partnerships.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for creating the new face of our website with a unique structure with a great personality and for your dedicated work in the field of digital marketing. We hope that our long years of cooperation will be full of success.

Dr. Ilyas Aslan
Administrative Manager, Medikent Hospital

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