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Photography and video shootings are among the most important things that many businesses, especially e-commerce companies, need to do to express themselves better. It is a fact that when e-commerce companies reflect their products better, their sales increase and businesses with a dealer network in the B2B area find new dealers for their products. Local businesses can reflect the services they offer with quality shots. Photography and videography sectors briefly;

  • Technology
  • Mobile Accessories
  • Fashion
  • Hijab Clothing
  • Food
  • Education
  • Health

service headings

Product Photography

We carry out photo shoots in our studio to ensure the best presentation of your products on your e-commerce site or corporate website.

Concept Product Shoots

We create concepts that tell the story of your products and take photos for your products in these concepts.

Product Review Video Shooting

With product review videos, you can better promote and highlight your products on Youtube and other video platforms.

Product Concept Video Shooting

We create concepts and shoot videos for your products to best describe their features and user experience.

Benefits of product pull in e-commerce

The Effect of Quality Product Shooting on Sales

Quality product shooting reflects your products to the finest detail, leaving no question marks on your customers who examine your products on the e-commerce site.

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Tell the Story of Your Product with Concept Photos

Concept photos, which are the photos that best describe the use of your products and the experience they bring to their users, leave an impression on your customers.

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How does Digibus Attract Products?

Let’s take a look at how we do normal and concept shots for our customers. 🙂

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concept photo & video shooting process

benefits of business development

contribution to sales

Business development allows you to reach more people and make a profit by acquiring new customers.

product promotion

You can turn your customers’ requests, complaints and suggestions into products or services.

corporate image

Business development affects all departments within the company and creates a synergy among employees.


The business development process allows you to seize unseen opportunities within the company and on the customer side.

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    Author: Salih ÇAKTI
    Digibus Kurucusu