e-commerce consultancy

Thanks to e-commerce consultancy, you can get rid of time and learning costs, take faster action and reach your goals in the most efficient way. We serve you in the selection of appropriate software and infrastructure, customer lifecycle planning, multi-channel marketing management, customer relationship management, after-sales support, campaign management and technology purchases, which have an important place in e-commerce.

  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • B2C (Business-to-consumer)
  • C2C (Consumer-to-consumer sales)
  • B2G (Business to Government)

You can review the services we provide within the scope of e-commerce consultancy below.

service headings

Omnichannel Marketing

We ensure that your e-commerce project works in the most efficient way on all platforms and channels. With an end-to-end service approach, we benefit you with strategies that enable you to reach your customers on your website or in your stores.

E-Commerce Lifecycle Planning

We produce and integrate dozens of scenarios such as your customer going to your e-commerce site after purchasing a product from your store or customer scenarios that visit your website but do not buy.

E-Commerce Software Service

We investigate which of the hundreds of e-commerce software sold in the market is suitable for your business model and prepare you for a long-term e-commerce life.

E-Commerce Process Setup

For your e-commerce project, we analyze, draw, document and deliver all the processes that should be included in your project such as sales, customer relations, after-sales support, call center, campaign management.

B&B Marketing Solutions

If you are selling B2B, that is, business-to-business, we create special e-commerce strategies for your dealer network and reach your target dealers and enable you to get more customers.

E-Commerce Campaign Management

We develop target audience-oriented, measurable and creative campaign models for your e-commerce site and design, implement and report them for you.

E-Commerce Technology Consultancy

We are researching the services you need to make your e-commerce project more efficient in SaaS, SSL, cloud, sales, reporting and customer relations.

Online Advertising Management

We reach the customer base you want to reach by using the internet’s biggest social media channels and Google, the biggest search engine.

E-Commerce Graphic Design Service

We produce all your banner, mailing template, social media and offline designs that your e-commerce project and the products you sell need.

Product Photography

We make product and concept shots to reflect your products in the best way on the internet.

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our business and product analysis process

benefits of e-commerce

low cost

By getting rid of the physical store cost, you become more profitable with less cost.

24/7 open store

With your e-commerce site, you have an open store that takes orders 24/7.

sales all over Turkey

You sell to 81 provinces of Turkey without opening a physical store.

unlimited product addition

While you can add products to a store on a square meter basis, you can add unlimited products to your e-commerce site.

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