Why should you attend this training?

Digital marketing and social media to be realized by Digibus Academy
The aim of the training is to present the theoretical training to the students together with the final project assignment and to make this training permanent by supporting this training with the workshop to be held. This training is not limited to theoretical and practical expression. During the training, companies that students will work on will be established and training will be applied through these companies.
will be given to students.

Develop Your Own Social Media Strategy
Meet Expert Educators
Develop a Business-Specific Strategy
Experience Social Media Tools

Education Content

DAY 1:

Introduction to Digital Marketing: What is digital marketing and social media, what are the usage areas of social media, in which sectors digital marketing is used, how to do digital marketing according to target audiences and digital marketing channels will be explained in detail in the introduction to digital marketing training.

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing & Traditional Marketing in Numbers
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • What is Target Audience, How to Determine it

Social Media Strategy Development: This training will cover topics such as social media channels, usage rates and target audiences, content produced and developing a social media strategy focused on the target audience.

  • What is Social Media, Social Media Channels, Statistics from the World
  • Selecting Social Media Channels According to Target Audience
  • Developing Audience-Focused Content Strategy
  • Creating a Content Calendar
  • Social Media Management & Monitoring Tools
  • Social Media and Campaign Management

DAY 2:

Online Advertising Management: What are Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords advertising models, how to advertise and what to pay attention to when advertising.

  • What is Online Advertising Management
  • Segmenting by Target Audience
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Measurement and Reporting

SEO: What is Google and how does it work in the training where search engine optimization will be explained at the introductory level? It is a training where topics such as what we should do to be visible on Google will be covered.

  • What is a search engine and how does it work?
  • How is search engine optimization done?
  • How to create Google-friendly content?
  • SEO mistakes to watch out for

End of Education Project

In line with the topics covered in the training, each participant will be asked to establish a virtual company and will be asked to build the entire digital strategy of this company. Participants will be asked to prepare a presentation on the digital marketing operation of the virtual company they have established and all the business items taught will be processed practically.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does social media training take place?

(AKM) It takes place at Altunizade Cultural Center. (AKM)

Which mode of transportation can I use to get to the training location?

Located just behind Altunizade Capitol shopping center, AKM can be reached by all public transportation vehicles going to Altunizade Capitol.
AKM Address: Altunizade, Sırma Perde Sk. No:11 D:No:11, 34662 Üsküdar/Istanbul

How many people will participate in the training?

Our training quota is 12 people.

How many hours and weeks will the trainings last?

It will last for 2 days and we will have classes between 10.00-15.00 on Saturday and Sunday.

Will you provide a certificate of participation at the end of the training?

A certificate of attendance signed by the trainers will be given at the end of the training.

Between which dates will the training take place?

Social media training will take place on February 7 and 8.