How many years have you been in service?

Digibus digital business development agency has 5 years of sectoral experience.

Why should I use an agency?

With its sectoral and brand experience, the digital agency enables your business to move faster in digital.

Do you have event management experience?

Digibus has managed the digital media processes of a wide range of events in many regions of Turkey, including Istanbul and Ankara. In event management, we provide not only social media process but also photo shooting, video production and offline design services.

In which business areas do you provide services to e-commerce sites?

We provide services to e-commerce companies in many areas they need such as digital business development, e-commerce consultancy, graphic design, social media management, mailing.

Do you provide studio services?

Digibus provides product and concept photography services in its own studio. She has experience in technology, hijab clothing and many other sectors.

In which sectors do you have work experience?

Digibus has been in business for 5 years in the following sectors;

  1. Technology
  2. Web Hosting
  3. Hijab Clothing
  4. Health
  5. Tourism
  6. Construction
  7. Chain Restaurant & Cafe
  8. Event
  9. Education

Which social media platforms do you manage ads on?

Digibus manages advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Twitter and Linkedin.

How do you manage customer relations and communication?

You can communicate with the agency through the customer representative assigned to you.

If you have a message other than the questions on the Frequently Asked Questions page Communication You can contact us from the page. We will reply to your message as soon as possible depending on the intensity.