Let’s Overcome This Process Together

Due to the COVID-19 virus, all online work has come to a standstill. Online work is at its peak. In this situation, brands, businesses and professions have to adapt their working patterns to the online environment.

As Digibus, we want to provide free 40-minute online consultancy to public institutions, businesses, brands and professions that want to adapt their services to digitalization and support you to overcome this process.

You can benefit from free digital conversion service by filling out the application form below.


Application Form

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is your digital transformation service free of charge?

    Our consultancy service, which will allow you to transform digitally, is a completely free service.

    How long is your consultancy period?

    For each business, we will provide an online consultation of about 40 minutes. We can increase this period according to the needs of the organization.

    How does your evaluation process work?

    After you make your application via the contact form, our teams will sort the incoming requests and return according to a schedule.

    How soon can I get a response?

    We will return to your contact information within 48 hours at the latest.