As Digibus, we have done digital marketing and business development work for many companies and individuals since 2013. The focus of our work is on social media, e-commerce, website development, digital business development and many other topics. Our customers are companies and individuals with significant names in their fields. Thanks to our services to different sectors, we have gained versatile digital marketing and digital business development experiences. Our customers are a reference for our future customers.

Our customers by sectors are as follows.

Fashion and Clothing

Our clients in fashion and apparel, with a focus on women’s wear, are today some of the best-known brands in Turkey. For example, we did social media management work for a big company like Modanisa for a long time.

Universities and Government Institutions

We have provided digital business development services to private companies as well as universities and state institutions. Istanbul Commerce University, Marmara Municipalities Union, municipalities, governorships are among our customers.

Technology Companies

We have provided services such as social media management services, e-commerce consultancy, digital marketing to many technology companies addressing various sectors. These companies cater to various sectors such as mobile accessories, computer peripherals, web hosting and online education.

Fair Companies

We provided social media management support to the fair services carried out under various associations and organizations. We contributed to promotional activities with the on-site social media service we provided for many important fairs such as Magazine Fair and Likefest.

Food Companies

As we provide services in many areas, we have also worked on digital business development for companies with food at their center. These companies, which we work on social media and digital marketing management, are at important points in the food and beverage sectors.


We have provided digital business development services to many online education companies, websites that sell education-oriented products and educational institutions on various topics.

Associations and Foundations

We worked on content production, social media management, website development for non-governmental organizations.

Other Sectors

We have provided services to many different sectors such as supermarket chains, game developers, cargo companies and participation banks.