Blogs, the most important tool of the times when we moved from the point of consuming information on the internet to the point of producing information, continue to maintain their power today. Blogging, producing content and influencing people with professional knowledge brings with it the opportunity to make money online. Blogs and influencers, which are one of the important stops of earning from the internet, have become areas of interest to many people.

It is not easy to turn this interest in blogging and blog-based influencing into an effective result. Naturally, in order to achieve this, it is necessary to produce effective blog content and receive training from experts to become an influencer. Blogger Academy opens its doors to those who are interested in this field, who want to become a blogger, who want to make money as an influencer and influence the masses through blogging. once.

Blogger Academy to Become a Blogger and Influencer

Blogging requires expertise in many areas such as preparing the blog, producing blog content, and delivering it effectively to the relevant people. This occupation, when done professionally, is one of the important business lines that make money from the internet. Seeing the deficiency in this field, Blogger Academy has enabled many bloggers to grow with the trainings it has organized five times before.

With its experience and knowledge, Blogger Academy announced its new training program. 6. Blogger Academy plans to train not only bloggers but also influencers in the new education period by adapting to today’s conditions. Within the framework of the four-week training program, participants will learn the tricks of being a blogger with the trainings of experts in the field.

Lectures Completely Online

Considering today’s extraordinary conditions, Blogger Academy has organized the 6th announced that it will carry out the semester training program by distance education. Participants will be able to receive education without being affected by pandemic restrictions with the courses to be given over the distance education infrastructure. In addition, the opportunity to watch the trainings over and over again is one of the opportunities offered to new trainees.

Opportunities from Blogger Academy

The training to be held in the new period of Blogger Academy will be held entirely online. Participants will be able to watch the lessons they missed and repeat the lessons they want for free. In addition, gift packages from sponsoring companies have also been prepared for the participants. The Blogger Academy, which will be realized with the support of many companies in different fields, aims to train new bloggers and influencers.

“Our Goal is to Expand the Blog Ecosystem”

Blogger Academy founder Salih Çaktı said the following about the new term training program: “For five semesters, Blogger Academy has provided training that has brought competent people to the blogging ecosystem. Our aim is to turn many people into influential names of the internet world with our sixth semester and contribute to the development of the blog world by producing content. Blogger Academy has contributed to the expansion of this world by training people who convey personal experiences to people and influence others. Our training program, which we decided to carry out online considering today’s conditions, is proud to be the first and only in its field.”

About 6th Round Blogger Academy

Blogger Academy’s 6th The semester training program will start on 23 April 2021 and will last for 5 weeks. The training program, which has a quota of 20 people, costs 590 TL. The training program, which can be made in 6 installments to the credit card, will include famous bloggers and trainers who are experts in their fields and will provide detailed information on technical issues. A certificate will be given at the end of the program.

To get information about Blogger Academy and to register website you can visit.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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