Social media management is not just about posting on Twitter and Facebookand waiting for interaction. When managing social media, it is necessary to analyze the brand and the target audience and share the most appropriate content at the most appropriate time. Brand,
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Creating an identity falls under the social media strategy phase of the business. The brand, whose strategy is determined, should be viewed from the customer’s perspective in this process. What a prospective customer or an ordinary person feels when they look at the brand’s stance on social media, what they should be made to feel, should all be considered at this stage. This is the most important element that determines social media strategy.

This is followed by the implementation of the strategy. Content creation, timing, positioning, and which infrastructures will be used are determined. This is where the most important step to differentiate the brand is decided. Showing the brand in the real world. Whatever the product, device, material, substance, person, whatever it is, it is necessary to convey its stance in the real world to people. This is possible with photographs that have a story.

Shot by Digibus for mobile accessories brand Linktech.

Photos with a story

A photograph is a digital trace of the real world. By using concept photos and photos with a story on social media, traces of the real world can be transferred to the digital world. These photos elevate the brand, product or person to a level that followers can empathize with and increase loyalty to them. For example, let’s say a photograph of a device is taken in a studio environment and used on social media through templates.

It does not answer questions such as how it fits in the hand, what it does, where it is used, how it is used. People don’t pay much attention to these types of images. However, sharing a photo of the device in use, providing information about its ergonomic dimensions, and sharing real-life moments of how it looks in real life can make people empathize with the product and make them want to own it. This results in a loyal audience for that product.

These types of photos attract more attention than other content on Instagram and other social networks, and their links are more likely to be clicked. Therefore, it means extra traffic and sales for those who have an e-commerce site.

Shot by Digibus for mobile accessories brand Linktech.

One of the most important ways to gain loyal customers is to reach them in the right way. Every customer reached becomes a loyal customer as a result of their satisfaction or positive feeling towards the brand. One of the tools to achieve this on social media is photographs with a story. Photographing the brand or product in a certain concept, in the ways they want to see in real life, will always provide positive interaction in social media management. This translates into loyal customers and the brand is the winner.

As Digibus, we realize product photos and concept shots of our customers. In this way, we tell the story of our customers’ products and build a strong brand. You can view other sample concept shots below.

Shot by Digibus for mobile accessories brand Linktech.
Shot by Digibus for mobile accessories brand Linktech.

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