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 Its use is just as important for small businesses as it is a great promotional opportunity for big businesses. Intense competition Although it puts small businessesin a difficult situation, local promotional activities on social media can put them one step ahead of big businesses and turn people into prospective customers. Social media is a great opportunity for small businesses to reduce disadvantage. So, how should small businesses use social media and what kind of work should they do?

1- Facebook Usage

Facebook is actually a treasure trove for small businesses. Because you can select the people to be targeted on Facebook from the immediate neighborhood and advertise. With this locally based marketing method, a small business serving a neighborhood or a district can close the gap with its larger competitors. At the same time, even videos and 360-degree photos that will be shared on the page and will attract people’s attention can turn people into customers of the small business. This was the main reason why we put Facebook first, because Facebook can be more effective for a small business than a brochure.

2- Instagram Usage

One of the most highly engaged social networks is Instagram. With processes such as location-based following on Instagram, continuous content entry, and using the stories feature, a community can be created very easily and benefit for the business.

3- Youtube Usage

Youtube channels have recently become very effective. The videos shown by Google on the first page for a search for something started to direct people to content such as “how to” and “what is” on Youtube. It will be useful for small businesses to broadcast videos from within themselves, upload videos such as production and sales stages, and make product promotional posts to reach more people. Tostçu Mehmet from Gaziantep, who uploaded videos to Youtube for years, has gained fans even in Istanbul.

We talked about the most effective social networks for small businesses. Using these networks effectively will be incredibly beneficial for small businesses and local brands. Moreover, it is obvious that it will be more effective than conventional promotional efforts.

Social media benefits all kinds of brands and businesses. As long as it is used correctly or companies that use it correctly are worked with. The rest comes by itself anyway.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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