The blog is the first example of social media, and blogging is the one phenomenon of social media that will not change. Many social media sites come and go, but blogs never get old. Because a blog is not a tool, it is a form, a phenomenon, an idea. Blogs are the cornerstone of social media. Twitter is a microblog, Youtube is a video blog. In short, we can say that social media is a blog. A blog is a system that anyone who wants to express themselves can set up and manage in a very short time and write and share whatever they want.

Today, many people keep blogs and express their opinions freely. Today, when blogs are shaping the future of the internet, an idea that came to mind took social media management to a different dimension. If individuals can blog, so can organizations. Some companies that started with this idea felt the power of the blog and started to reap the rewards. So, what are the benefits for organizations to create a blog and keep a blog? Why should an organization, a company keep a blog and how will it benefit them?

Different medium, different excitement

There are so many things that cannot be explained on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Since companies create content with the language and style appropriate for these channels, they cannot publish content that is long, long, in the form of a list or that contains material in more than one different media type. For example, on Facebook, you cannot add both an image and a video to a post. Twitter is already limited to 140 characters. Instagram doesn’t allow anything other than images and videos. Then it is necessary to redirect this content to a different channel. The ideal medium for this is blogs.

Search engine optimization

Blogs are not just content environments. The more relevant the articles are to the website or brand, the more people from search engines will visit the site. This is a boon for SEO. Companies that keep a blog will definitely eat the bread of SEO.

“I’m a master at this”

Another point is that writing informative articles about the activities of the company or organization means that they show how successful they are in that field of activity. Informative and satisfying articles, backed up with examples, allow people who read them to turn into customers when they become prospects.


The impact of traditional social media management on brand awareness may be limited. Moreover, it is currently not possible for social media content to appear in search engines. For these reasons, keeping a blog and having blog content on regular and diverse topics will also affect the level of brand awareness.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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