Social media has become a good marketing and PR channel for many brands. Brands that have discovered the simple and effective power of social media appeal to a large audience with social media management. In doing so, brands need to create an identity on social media and appeal to their followers accordingly. It is common knowledge that brands that only share news and announcements on social media have less engaged audiences. Appealing to the audience by switching to their point of view turns them into potential customers. So, how to create a brand identity on social media? What happens after creating a brand identity?

Being human, not a computer bot

Both in their content and in moderation, the brand should make the person feel like they are talking to a human being. 3. In the content, “we did”, “done”, “we came”, “we went”, etc. Avoid words that return to the singular person and create special content as if you were talking to them. The website is sufficient for brand news and announcements. Also, including these on social media may cause followers to stop coming and those who do may flee. Using sentences such as “Have you read our news in xyz newspaper?” “What do you think about our delicious pastries?” in the content is a direct appeal to the follower. These types of sentences bring more engagement to the content.

Similarly, the same tone should be set in moderation, making followers feel that their requests and complaints are taken into account rather than stereotypical responses.

Not constantly prioritizing the brand

When people follow your brand on social media, if you constantly provide them with content about your products, after a while you will realize that people are not engaging. Social media management is not about constantly sharing product content. When product content is constantly shared, engagement rates drop and brand awareness on social media decreases. For this reason, while creating an identity for your brand, you need to avoid sharing only products and make a content management based on creating shareable content that followers will like.

Let’s say you are a food company and you produce prepared foods. You won’t constantly share your products, you will create content such as how to make these products ready to eat, what kind of work you have done during production, the advice of your food experts, customer reviews. This is something you will decide when creating an identity for your brand. You will decide how you will address your followers, whether you will advise or guide them, and make your content plan accordingly.

Remember real life

Your brand is more than vectors and stock photos. Your brand’s human touch should be included in the content plan. Photographing a person using your product in his/her normal life, conveying customer reactions to other followers via video, photographing the product on city streets, in homes, in daily life are important things to create an identity for your brand. Your brand should not be disconnected from people. You can achieve this by taking part in them.

Giving a brand identity means following the spirit of social media. People need to feel that they have an interlocutor. You will need to think about this when creating your social media strategy.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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