People used to draw pictures of the animals they hunted on cave walls. Now we are being hunted, and this time, instead of drawing on the cave wall, people are posting these photos on Instagram. Communication is a need that has existed since the first human being. Thanks to the developing technology, cloud-based and Web 2.0. Social networks, which provide two-way communication, have enabled this communication both between people and between brands and people.

Whether brands or businesses sell products or services, they reach their customer base and prospective customers through social media channels. While some brands are successful in this social media communication, others fail in this communication. If we list the most important topics in social media communication;

Stages of Social Media

  1. Target Audience Analysis
  2. Content Map
  3. Correct Visual Usage
  4. Creating the Right Content
  5. Moderation
  6. Crisis Management
  7. Social Media Management

The above 7 items constitute the building blocks of social media communication. Social media in its essence consists of 3 stages. Send, receive and report. The send section includes audience analysis, creating audience-oriented content ideas and digitizing these ideas. The receive section includes the interaction we receive from the target audience, such as comments, likes and messages. The last part is the reporting of all the work done.

While brands or businesses that provide this cycle can be successful, brands and businesses that experience disruptions in this cycle can fail. At this point, as Digibus, we offer a free service
social media checkup
service. You can send us detailed information about your brand on our social media checkup page. We will send you a report with your social media score within 3 days at the latest. Just click on the link to benefit from our social media checkup service.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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