After getting social media accounts, which are the digital assets of your business or brand, it is time to produce content ideas in line with your target audience. We say content idea because most businesses think of visual designs to be published on social media accounts when they think of content. The first thing to do is to find the content idea that will best describe the products or services you sell for your target audience. After finding your content idea, you can turn it into content such as .gif, video, album, blog post, video, live broadcast, visual design and strory image.

Once you have your content ideas, the first task is to decide what type of content to turn your content into. Then, with the social media content map you will prepare, you can spread the content you produce over days, weeks or even months. It is also very important that the social media content you produce is up-to-date.

As Digibus, we have prepared the “Social Media Content Map 2019” for your convenience at this point. You can download the content map we have prepared for all months and special days of 2019 from the Social Media Content Map ” link.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
Digibus Kurucusu

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