We try to reach our customers in many ways using digital channels. Carefully designed images, banner designs, timed emails, carefully published story images, videos, etc. We try to reach the customer visually with many methods. What about the sound? Who is behind all the products or services you offer to your customers? Who are you in short? Podcasting is one of the best ways to deliver this answer to your customers through audio.

What is a Podcast?

Podcasts are pre-recorded audio files that can be downloaded to your computer or phone via mobile apps. Podcast platforms allow podcasts to be updated and music can be added in front of, behind or as a background, like a radio program. You can even make a special entrance music for your business. The most important feature of the podcast is the ability to notify customers when you publish a new podcast through an RSS feed.
The fact that the podcasts produced can be integrated into the world’s most widely used music listening applications such as Spotify makes it easier for podcast producers.

Reach Different Audiences

It is obvious that there is an audience that you are trying to warn visually but that we cannot catch, an audience that is not integrated into their phones while traveling but likes to watch the road while listening to music, an audience that does not read books but listens to audiobooks. This is where the podcast comes in and brings us closer to this audience.

Make a Difference on Your Website

When your customers visit your websites, they don’t find much other than images and SEO-oriented content written for Google. We even add them to the site, knowing that those SEO-oriented contents are written only for Google and that our customers will not read them. Wouldn’t it be better if our customers could hear the voice of the company CEO or an employee explaining that service when they log in to any of our product or service pages?

Ease of Production & Publishing

Podcasts are less costly and easier to produce than videos. You can speak and podcast freely or stick to a script. Moreover, it prevents unnecessary contractions and stress during video shootings. ? Using the relevant podcast platforms, you can publish your podcast on many podcast platforms at the same time with a single RSS link.

Prove Your Authority

We live in big cities where everyone is very busy and exposed to insane amounts of data, advertising and people. It can be difficult to bring the many areas of expertise you know to your customers. Podcasts can be a great way to share your knowledge and experience with your customers.
Thanks to the podcasts you produce, you can reach your customers in a different way. Remember; as with any content, continuity is essential in podcast production.

As Digibus, we decided to produce podcasts and we publish a podcast on a topic every week. You can access the platforms where you can listen to our podcasts on our podcast page or you can listen on the page.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
Digibus Kurucusu

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