The importance of Instagram for e-commerce is increasing day by day. Especially during COVID-19, Instagram users spend more time on Instagram. While visual and video sharing has increased, the rates of broadcasting and participating in live broadcasts have also increased. According to the information provided by Statista; Turkey ranks 6th in the world after Russia in Instagram usage. is in the ranking.  After Turkey, the list continues with Japan, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

In this period when the use of Instagram and the production of content on Instagram has increased so much, it creates a good resource for websites that sell through e-commerce. E-commerce sites can showcase their products on Instagram, and through the Instagram store, they can tag their products and turn them into direct sales. As Instagram usage increases by brands, businesses and end users, people who want to reach more people pay attention to using tags correctly as well as good content.

Using the Right Tag for Instagram

So what should e-commerce sites pay attention to in using tags to better use their Instagram accounts?

Start Tags

Immediately after the Instagram text, use tags like #brandname #sitename or #slogan that refer to your brand or e-commerce site. In this way, the brand or site to which the product belongs is included in the tags and you can observe all your products when you click on that tag.

General Tags

Immediately after the start tags, use sectoral tags related to the sector in which the product you will share is located. For example, if you are going to share a product in the field of home textiles, you can use tags such as #instahome #home or #home textiles.

Category Tags

Tags indicating the category of the product to be shared. For example, if you are sharing a product to be used in the kitchen, you can use #mutfak and related tags. If it is a product for the bedroom, you can support the product with tags such as #bedroom.

Product Tags

These are tags that express the product itself or the content of the product to be shared on Instagram. For example #decorative glass #desenlicam. You can generate product tags from the name or content of the product.

Finally, it is necessary to use the following instagram tag sequence for a decorative glass in the home textile category and kitchen subcategory of a brand operating in the e-commerce sector.

#brandname #sitename #slogan #instahome #home #home textiles #kitchen #dekoratifcam #desenlicam

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Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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