The world is a big pandemic process. The rapid spread of the coronavirus all over the world starting from December 2019 has affected the e-commerce sector as it has affected many sectors. While there was not a huge drop in sales, there was a shift in focus in orders. This was reflected in lower revenues for many vendors. In addition, changing working conditions in some sectors can also cause problems in e-commerce. So what should be done to get through this process in the best way? We have a few recommendations on this topic.

Evaluate Supplier Alternatives

E-commerce you work with specific suppliers for the products you sell on your site or in marketplaces. In the coronavirus pandemic, your suppliers will not be able to produce in the supply they may have problems. In order to get through this process unscathed, it is necessary to turn to different suppliers or identify alternatives. Because the products you receive from suppliers may be cut off or arrive too little, which can undermine your work.

Do Not Interrupt Customer Service

The ordering customer will want to receive their product as soon as possible. In this process, some situations delay due to can happen. Never stop customer service to minimize customer backlash from this delay and to at least make them feel like they have an interlocutor. The fact that many companies do not answer the phone and do not respond to e-mails turns them negatively.

Marketing Activities

Digital marketing never stop their work. It will be a very right move to announce yourself by reaching out to people on issues where you are differentiated from other e-commerce sites and where you are better than them. The customers you will gain in this process will give you a greater chance of turning into loyal customers.

Give a Gift

Adding small gifts to the products you send, giving discount coupons will win the customer’s appreciation. You may experience delays, but you can make up for it with gifts and gain customer loyalty.

Work with a Good Shipping Company

In this process, working with the cargo company that will deliver the products you provide to the customer in the fastest way will give you plus points. In particular, cargo companies that offer opportunities such as fast shipping, intraday delivery you can try to take advantage of the benefits. Cargo is the most important point of the e-commerce process and many companies that have problems in this process have experienced problems in the cargo process. Remember to choose a good shipping company for customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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