The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed how fragile the economic systems we have built are. Many sectors were negatively affected by this process. Naturally, e-commerce sites also took their share from this process. Naturally, this pandemic process reminded us of some things. As in all cases e-commerce management also needs to develop scenarios for extraordinary situations and activate these scenarios when these situations occur. In this article, pandemic We will give a few tips on how e-commerce sites should act in extraordinary times created by situations such as the process.

Attention to Stocks

Extraordinary situations have different effects in many ways. During the start of such processes or hearing the footsteps, e-commerce sites should address their stock status. Stocks should be controlled by considering the whole process in order to avoid situations such as premature depletion of stocks or insufficient supply of products that are in demand.

Changing Sector

In extraordinary times, people’s needs will differ. In such cases e-trade As a site administrator or sales site owner, you should be able to move to the most suitable areas. Actions such as product differentiation and focus shifts can have a positive impact on sales. Note that some clothing brands are selling food during Covid-19.

Attention to Customer Service

Customer service should never be neglected in extraordinary situations as well as in normal times. Customers will want to know about uncertainties, delays and many other issues. Mail, phone and social media messages should be constantly monitored, accurate information should be provided to customers and they should be informed about the process.

Cargo Management

Of course, extraordinary times bring extraordinary circumstances. One of the most important points of the e-commerce process is cargo management. The cargo company you choose should have a strong structure that will not let you down in any case. Online shoppers have recently become one of the most frequent complaint One of the issues he has been concerned about is that the cargo does not arrive on time. For this reason, we recommend that you choose your shipping company correctly.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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