E-commerce process is made up of many variables. Managers who keep all of them together in a balanced and manageable way can achieve success in e-commerce in a short time. One of the steps of e-commerce processes that appeal to different sectors is shipping. The cargo process must be well planned in order to deliver the sold product to the user without any problems. When this process is considered as pre-sales and post-sales, campaigns in the pre-sales process will enable new customers to be gained.

So, what are shipping campaigns, how do shipping campaigns add value to the e-commerce site?

Shipping Campaigns in E-commerce

As important as delivering the product to the customer, it is also important to win customers by offering this process to the customer. It is possible to increase sales by applying various campaigns in cargo. The shipping campaign can be implemented in various ways. We can look at these campaigns as follows:

  • Free Shipping: This campaign, where the shipping fee is covered by the seller, is very effective on users. People will be more motivated to buy the product if they know that they will not pay shipping costs.
  • Free Shipping for a Certain Amount of Shopping: Free shipping for a certain amount of shopping possibility of It may not be attractive at first, but it is a fact that it will increase sales to a certain extent. For example 50 tl You can apply a shopping limit and direct the customer to make purchases above this number.
  • Free Shipping for Certain Categories: Free shipping is applied to certain categories at certain times, so that overstocked products can be consumed in a short time or more sales figures can be achieved in these products. Since this will also ensure activity within the site, it will affect all categories.

The Importance of Shipping Campaigns

Shipping campaigns will increase customers’ willingness to buy. Because the person who knows that they will not pay shipping even for a small amount can order what they want. In this respect, using these campaigns according to the budget or goals will give the e-commerce site an advantage. But the point to be considered here is to work with a cargo company that will not cause problems after the sale.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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