Instagram is used as a marketing tool with its millions of users and the opportunities it offers. Today, many people and organizations prefer Instagram for their marketing efforts. It is possible to come across many different accounts on Instagram, including boutiques, artists, companies and markets. Consequently, there is a need to use Instagram more accurately as a marketing tool. As people differentiate this platform with their content, companies and individuals need to follow suit in their marketing efforts.

Naturally, the need for consultancy services arises in Instagram works. Today, many people consult for Instagram accounts and many agencies offer this service to their customers. Is this consultancy work for Instagram, one of the most used social media platforms in Turkey and the world, really done correctly? What should be considered when having Instagram consultancy work. In this article, we would like to provide information on these issues in a few bullet points.

What is Instagram Consulting Service?

We spend part of our day checking social media accounts on smartphones. The interaction of our accounts on many social media platforms, what our followers share, is constantly in front of us. It is instantly clear whether this content is created by professionals or not. Because a professional work is evident. Here, the fact that this remarkable content is prepared by professionals has created a field of work.

Social media management . Social media management is the management of accounts on social networks according to the language and technical needs of that network.

Specifically, for example, on Instagram, what to share at what time, how to create visuals, the social media consultant provides information on these issues. We can call social media consultants who work exclusively on Instagram as Instagram consultants. The work done by these people is Instagram consultancy. The Instagram consulting service only covers work in this network. There are a few basic tasks for Instagram, such as producing content, scheduling it according to a specific calendar, and sharing it. However, if we dig deeper, we can see that there are many things to be aware of.

What to Consider in Instagram Consulting Work?

Determining what the consultancy work entails will directly affect the course of this work. Therefore, if an Instagram consultancy service is used, what is requested and what needs to be done should be determined at the outset. Article by article:


What will the Instagram consultancy service cover? Both sides need to agree on this point. It should be determined whether the person or agency providing Instagram consultancy services will produce content, whether they will work on gaining followers, whether they will work on advertising. This will determine the scope of the study. In the consultancy service, only ideas can be provided. Or you can work on preparing visuals. At this point, the company receiving the service must have fully specified its requests.

Account Management

One of the main items of the Instagram consultancy service is account management. At this point, the most important point to be considered is that the person or agency doing the work can produce professional content, capture the target audience and organize campaigns. If the person or agency is found competent in all these areas, the scope of the study can be assessed. Questions such as how many posts there will be, what will be done in studies such as photo shoots and visual creation, and will there be a campaign should be answered.


One of the preferred methods to increase followers on Instagram is Instagram campaigns. The expert person or agency should organize campaigns in the Instagram consultancy service at certain periods. The prizes to be distributed in these campaigns must also be chosen in accordance with the law.

Advertising Management

Another scope of Instagram consultancy service is ad management. Instagram ads are one of the effective methods that can be used to gain both access and followers. If an Instagram consultancy service is received, advertising management service should also be received. Because Instagram ads are the most effective way to reach more people, gain followers, inform about the issues that come to the fore in social media work and carry out marketing activities.


When receiving Instagram consultancy services, only one consultancy study can be requested. The scope of this study is only to offer ideas and guidance. The expert person or agency, with its knowledge, informs the company or person what they need to do, helps them on issues such as when to share, what kind of content to share.

What is included in Instagram Consulting?

The content of the Instagram consultancy service should be determined entirely by agreement between the two parties. The expert person or agency reports the work that they can or cannot do, and the service recipient or agency chooses the work they want. For this reason, it would not be correct to say that the Instagram consultancy service includes these items. Because this will be determined entirely according to need. Therefore, it is first necessary to analyze the need correctly.

  • What do I need?
  • What services do I want to receive in Instagram work?

Questions like these determine the content of the study. When you want to get Instagram consultancy service, you should pay attention to these items and work with the person or agency that will do the best work. A proper Instagram management effort will bring back much more than the budget spent. Naturally, working with the right people would be the right choice. As Digibus, we have provided Instagram consultancy services for many individuals and organizations so far

Our work covers many areas from fashion to technology, from trade fairs to the food sector. We rely on our experience and continue to work every day in accordance with the requirements of the times.

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Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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