Social media has become an important marketing tool. On these platforms, people share content for marketing purposes. Many firms, companies and well-known people share a certain number of posts on these platforms daily. We can briefly call these posts content. Content is the cornerstone of social media. A social media account without content has no value.

Therefore, content is the most important part of these channels. Although it may seem easy to share content on social media platforms, there are very important points in the background. Naturally, there are many points that people are curious about social media content production. In this article, we will share information about social media content production and what to pay attention to in content production. But first we need to define content.

What is Content?

Content, in English, is the data that forms the basis of internet channels and with which people interact. Content can be text-based, visual, video or audio. With the development of internet technologies, the data uploading power of website builders has become publicly available. With the emergence of social media channels and interactive sites where content can be entered with Web 2.0 technology, everyone has become able to produce content. Today, billions of people create and share content every day.

What is Social Media Content?

Creating content is a power that everyone has today. There are forms of content creation such as taking photos and videos, writing, creating audio files. Of course, this can be social media content for people who have no expectations from social media. But is it the right and appropriate social media content? Here, first of all, the following question comes to mind: What is social media content? Social media content is data that is suitable for sharing on social media and meets the content criteria of the channels.

For example, a text of 1000 characters would not be content for Twitter. This is because Twitter allows a maximum of 280 characters at a time. A 10 minute video will not be story content on Instagram because Instagram allows 15 seconds of video in a story. When we consider all these, it will be necessary to create content suitable for the medium and according to the criteria of that medium. So you will need to produce social media content. So what is social media content production?

What is Social Media Content Production?

We talked about the ease of content creation. But is it easy to produce content for social media? Of course not. Because every medium has certain rules and criteria. This raises a question. What is social media content production and how to do it? For social media content production, we can actually say that it is to produce content in accordance with the technical criteria of each medium. But in addition to the technical criteria, there are also eligibility criteria. Okay, a tweet can be 280 characters long. But will this tweet get engagement? This point is very important.

Each medium has its own language and style. It is necessary to comply with these and produce content accordingly when producing content. Because the main purpose of social media content is to get interaction. In order to get interaction, it is necessary to create content according to technical and social criteria as much as possible. For social media content production, the target audience should be analyzed first. Who to address and how to address them should be determined. It is necessary to harmonize the content to be created according to the determined criteria with the technical criteria. Once the technical criteria are met, the content is ready for sharing.

What to Consider in Social Media Content Production?

The work to be done for social media content production concerns content production and its aftermath. We can list some of the points to be considered in this study, which has many important points, as follows:


The style that should be used in social media varies according to each medium. Because the jargon and expectations of the channels and their users will contribute to the creation of content. For example, on Twitter, it is very easy for humorous content to get engagement. Sharing a humorous post on Twitter, where people mostly share visual and text-based posts, will attract attention. The style here is like walking a very fine line. It should be used in moderation.


Each social media platform has its own language. When producing content, sharing the same content on every channel will not bring interaction outside the channel where the content is produced. A campaign that works on Instagram will not work on Facebook. Because the language and type of content users are used to is completely different.


After social media content production is carried out according to technical criteria, it is shared in a language suitable for each medium. Okay, but that’s it? How long should you post on which platform? Isn’t that worth something? Of course there is. There are channels where constant sharing decreases interaction, as well as channels where sharing less does not have any effect.

For this reason, it may even be necessary to work on separate content for each platform. The posts can be planned on a daily or every other day basis, but how much content is shared to which platform should be evaluated platform-specifically.


One of the most important aspects of social media content production and sharing is the content calendar. It should be determined at what time and on which day the content will be shared. Active hours of followers should be investigated. In addition, special days, religious and national holidays, celebrations, etc. for this, too, should be planned in advance. Because depending on the audience, all special days may need to be celebrated, and there may be a need to produce content for the birth and death anniversaries of special people.

When we consider all of them, it would be the best decision to produce content according to a schedule. Performing social media content production correctly provides great benefits for the person and organization whose social media account is managed. For this reason, it may be necessary to produce and share the right and engaging content rather than sharing all kinds of content. For this, it may also be possible to get help from experts or agencies.

You can carry out more successful social media operations by getting support from experts in social media management. In this regard, Digibus, which has been providing social media services to many companies and individuals since 2013, is exactly the agency that will solve your needs. As Digibus, we do not only do social media management, we analyze the brands we serve and carry out the work they need. In social media content production, we create a template with the data we obtain through analyzes and reviews, and we produce content that will provide interaction according to this template.

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Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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