The reach of social media has grown much faster than the reach of many mass media. As a natural consequence of this, marketing activities have emerged on social media. Today, the amount of money spent on social media advertising has surpassed the advertising budgets allocated to print media. In the future, digital advertising’s share of the pie is likely to overtake other competitors.

The majority of social media advertising is also funneled into the Facebook ecosystem. Instagram holds an important part of this. When we think about Instagram’s user base and the different demographics of people it reaches, we can see why it is so effective. Instagram reaches more than a billion people worldwide and uses this power to display ads. So, what is an Instagram ad? Why is advertising on Instagram important?

What is an Instagram Ad?

On Instagram, it is not enough to share visual and video content. This content also needs to be published as advertising. Advertising content shared on Instagram or special advertising content for various purposes such as reaching the target audience, getting more likes, increasing interaction, increasing the number of followers of the page, increasing website traffic is called Instagram advertising. Instagram ads can be placed in the main feed or in stories. There are specific formats for both. Various benefits can be gained by publishing this advertising content as ads.

Why is Instagram Advertising Important?

Advertising on Instagram is very important primarily to reach a large audience. Because the number of Instagram users is quite high both in our country and in the world. Naturally, reaching out to these people listed according to various criteria is very valuable in terms of reaching the most people with the optimum budget. This is because it is possible to hit the target in advertisements by reaching these people who are determined according to many criteria such as age, marital status, education status, place of residence and tastes. This ensures that the budget is used efficiently and that the intended objectives are more easily achieved.

How to Advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is part of the Facebook ecosystem. The ideal way to advertise on Instagram is therefore to use the Facebook ad manager. But you can also advertise on Instagram. But for the most accurate results, it is better to use a Facebook Ads Manager. To advertise on Instagram via the Facebook ads manager, the Instagram account must be connected to the Facebook page. After performing this process, the Facebook ad manager can be opened and the ad creation stages can be started. Detailed ad settings are made by selecting one of the ready-made ad types offered by Facebook.

After the stages of determining the target audience, setting a budget, determining the ad content and choosing how to place the ad, the ad is sent for approval. Ad content that meets Facebook ad criteria is approved and published within a day. Another way to advertise on Instagram is to use Instagram’s own advertising tool. The promotions tab opens on the Instagram account converted to a business account. From here, advertising settings can be made for the desired content. Shared content or stories can be advertised as featured content. However, Instagram’s advertising tool does not allow for as detailed adjustments as Facebook.

For this reason, it is always beneficial to work with experts for Instagram ad management. So, why work with experts for Instagram ad management? At the outset, it is worth noting that experts will use the budget in the most effective way.

Using the budget more appropriately means reaching more people. As a result, it becomes possible to get more return for the amount spent. Apart from this, the fact that experts publish advertisements brings along the use of more successful content thanks to their experience.

In other words, experts will not use content that does not attract attention and cannot be used as advertising. Finally, it would be a better option to prefer experts in advertising tools and reporting.

instagram Ads Management Service

We have already mentioned the importance of working with experts to advertise on Instagram. But there are also issues to be considered here. At the outset, it is worth noting that social media ad management is too detailed a task for one person to undertake. In other words, Instagram ad management has many details such as preparing ad content, determining how to show it to whom, and reporting incoming returns. It is not always possible for one person to do this. For this reason, you should definitely work with digital agencies that provide advertising services in Instagram ad management.

Digital agencies will provide the most effective advertising service with their employees in different disciplines. Because, just as preparing advertising content requires a work in itself, targeting advertising is not a task that can be carried out by the same people. Instagram ad management service gives the most effective results when taken from digital agencies that provide advertising services. We have already listed the reasons for this. In addition, the social media management experience of digital agencies is one of the important criteria that ensure successful results in these efforts. For this reason, you should definitely work with digital agencies that provide social media management services.

instagram Ads Management Service Fee

Instagram ad management service is usually charged on a monthly or commission basis. Therefore, there is no standard fee for this study. There are many criteria such as the content of the work, how much time is spent on it, how many people are employed for it. Therefore, it makes more sense to focus on the quality of the work done rather than the cost of Instagram ad management. The experience, employees and references of the agency doing the work are important criteria here.

As Digibus, we have provided social media services to many companies and organizations since 2013. With our experience and know-how, we have accomplished important works in the sector. We carried out digital business development activities for many customers from different sectors. Therefore, we have worked on many issues, including Instagram ad management. In this regard, you can fully rely on us as both a social media management service provider and a social media advertising management agency.

We are working to provide you with the best service with our graphic designer, social media specialist, advertising management specialist employees. For detailed information about Digibus and to contact us you can visit our website.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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