With the introduction of the Internet into our lives, there have been changes in many areas. Many sectors have had to keep up with the times, and many have changed. Nowadays, marketing efforts are mostly carried out over the internet. Ten years ago the print media had power, but now they have a smaller share. This enormous power of the Internet has enabled the birth of different sectors. Social media is one of them.

Social media is an unrivaled communication tool that has gained strength in the 2010s and is unrivaled in many areas today. Consequently, visibility activities are more preferred on social media. Carrying out visibility activities on social media naturally needs to be done by people who are specialized in this field. It is possible to carry out these activities with a social media expert. But a social media expert alone may not be enough. In this case, it is necessary to work with social media agencies with a broader professional line.

What is a Social Media Agency?

At the point where the internet is today, we mainly interact with social media sites. We use social media sites for many things such as watching videos, looking at photos and reading news. This allows social media to reach more and more people. Naturally, there is an audience on these sites. Implementing visibility activities for this audience on social media sites also requires expertise.

These visibility activities, which require expertise in many areas such as presenting the right content to these people, publishing content at the right time with an appropriate text, and carrying out advertising activities, can be carried out with a social media expert. But a person may not always be skilled in all subjects. For this reason, it may be necessary to seek expert support for each step of these activities. Here, the social media agency provides this support with multiple experts within its structure. We can say that a social media agency is an advertising agency that has employees in many different fields such as content experts, advertising experts, copywriters, graphic designers and social media experts.

What Does a Social Media Agency Do?

There are many ways of visibility activities in social networks. Content sharing is one such example. But work needs the power of another. It is not always enough to produce great content. This should be supported by advertising. Even in cases where advertising is not enough, it is necessary to get support from social media celebrities (you can also call them influencers or social media phenomena). The social media agency to be preferred for social media marketing activities, which is a collective work, offers these activities to its customers. It carries out many activities such as developing social media strategy, content planning, content production, content sharing, advertising management, influencer marketing. Naturally, social media agencies must have many employees to carry out these works. Let’s briefly mention the work of the social media agency.

  • Developing a Social Media Strategy: In this study, studies such as which platforms the customer should take part in, in which language and style it should address its followers are carried out. Developing a strategy is the most important stage of the study.
  • Developing Content: Content is king on social media. While sharing content is easy, sharing the right content requires expertise. Social media agency serves its customers in content development, planning and sharing.
  • Content Generation: As we just mentioned, content generation is a very important issue. Visual, video or text content must be compatible with the relevant networks. With its expertise and know-how, the social media agency knows which content will be used on which site and produces content accordingly.
  • Advertising Management: It is not enough just to produce and share content on social media. This content needs to be delivered to the target audience. A social media agency should serve its customers in advertising on sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube.
  • Influencer Marketing: Celebrities or influencers on social media are natural advertising tools with their number of followers. This is why influencer marketing, which has been on the rise recently, is so important. But the social media agency also works on issues such as which phenomenon to work with and whether these phenomena are the right choice.

What to Consider When Choosing a Social Media Agency?

When choosing a social media agency, references should be examined. Sectoral distribution of the customers they have worked with before, their feedbacks, working hours, etc. Criteria such as the following must be taken into consideration. Because a social media agency that has only worked in certain sectors may not have built up knowledge about other sectors.

In this case, it may not benefit a customer outside the relevant sector sufficiently. Apart from this, it is important to pay attention to whether they are competent enough to carry out the entire social media process. The presence of a graphic designer, social media specialist, advertising manager, or even a video content producer should be examined.

In addition, attention should also be paid to work done for past customers. Because we can say that the work done is a reflection of the service to be provided. These are all considerations when choosing a social media agency.

Social Media Agency Fee

A clear service fee cannot be determined for social media work. This is because the content of the work varies from client to client. For this reason, it is more important to focus on the competence of the social media agency rather than the fee. The time and labor cost to be charged to the agency at many points such as the labor intensity and scope of the desired work are important criteria that determine the fee.

Considering these, an agreement should be made on this issue by calculating the benefit of the service to be received. Social media agencies usually charge for their work on a monthly basis. If ad management is also required, an ad management commission can be added to this. Proposals should be examined with these points in mind.

Digibus for Your Social Media Agency Needs

We said that it is very important to get support from experts and work with experienced people for social media work. As Digibus, we have been working in this sector for many years with the social media services we offer to many companies. We have had customers in many different fields from fashion to technology.

Since 2013, we have been serving in this sector and we draw attention with our work. We offer multilingual social media services, content marketing and international work that differentiates us from our competitors. You will reach your target audience in the best way with the social media service we offer with our expert staff and employees who respond to different needs.

To get information about the social media services we offer as Digibus and to review our references you can visit our website.

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