You have finally decided to go live and publish the product you have been working on for long hours. This is one of the most exciting moments for every product developer. At the end of the dozens of hours you put in on the software and server administration side, you hope to be rewarded for your efforts.

But if you don’t have a product-focused digital marketing and content management strategy, you may feel like your efforts have not paid off. In this case, do not worry, trust your product and start working on the topics we have prepared below for the marketing of the product.

1- Target Audience Analysis

Research in detail the target audience that will use your product. List all the features, benefits and problems that your product solves. Within the framework of this research, be able to answer the following questions;

  • Which problem does your product solve for the target audience?
  • Why should they prefer your product and not product X?
  • What is the life cycle of your target audience?
  • What is the launch price of the product?
  • What are your differences from your competitors?
  • What challenges are you solving?

2- Countdown

Share countdowns of when the product you are working on will be available. For example, last 10 days, last 5 days and last 3-2-1 days. Countdowns on social media will attract the attention of prospective users and keep their excitement high.

3- Create a Landing Page

Even if you are working on only one product or if you already have other active products other than the one you are working on, make sure to design an informative landing page. With a landing page, you can give a brief information about the product, make the countdown on this page and collect email accounts to notify enthusiasts.

4- Establish Benefit-Oriented Communication

Carefully list every benefit of your product to its target audience and develop content based on these benefits. For example, if the product you have developed saves around 40% of time for leads, prepare social media content, blog content, webinars and podcasts on this topic. Drill down into each benefit and process them into different types of content. You can process each benefit as follows;

Social media content
Video footage
Blog Posts
Slidershare presentation

5- Create a S.S.S Page

Prepare frequently asked questions about the product in advance and include these questions on the product page. You can examine the questions asked about similar products on Google and other platforms and prepare content based on these questions.

6- Build a Product Website

When the product is ready to be announced, the landing page you prepared for the product will be replaced by the product page or website. While preparing the product website, sloganize maximum 3 benefits of your product for the target audience and include these slogans in your banner or h3 texts.

7- Send Bulk Emails

It’s time to use the emails you collect when you use a landing page. Send mass emails to your curious audience using the slogans and content you created while doing content work for the product website.

8- Create Knowledge Base & Help Content

Don’t forget to produce how-to content on how to use the product on a subdomain like or a subfolder like Remember to use written documentation, screenshots and usage videos when preparing this content.

9- Press Release and Press Kit

Write a press release promoting your product and send it to industry news sites and blogs. You can also create a product press release and a press kit page with your available logos and post it on the website.

10- Sales Oriented Presentation Study

The sale of the product you have developed can be realized not only through the website but also through e-mail or one-to-one sales. For this reason, you can create a .pdf promotional catalog or brochure where you will include benefit-oriented content and slogans that you create while working on content for the product.

Don’t forget to watch and repeat the 10 points mentioned above as you organize and carry them out. You should insist on and repeat whichever item is most useful to you.

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Author: Salih ÇAKTI
Digibus Kurucusu

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