The campaigns you will create for your site are the works carried out not only with the contribution of the sales department, but also with the contribution of the sales department, in order to make sales, to promote your new products, to gain new customers and to show products that will attract their interest to your existing customers that you segment. Campaign management ensures that a company always looks alive and makes a profit. Campaigns are made at certain time intervals. Single or several campaigns can be done at the same time. In order for your e-commerce company to create an effective campaign, the first thing you need to do is to create the campaign process. These steps in short;

1- Creating the Campaign Idea :

Once you’re clear on what you want to campaign for, your digital marketing, sales and other departments can come up with better solutions for you. As we wrote above, this campaign idea can be about sales, promotion, etc.

2- Creating Your Campaign Calendar:

Campaigns are activities that need to be carried out in a disciplined manner within a specific calendar. For this reason, it is always useful to make a plan within a program, not when you think of it.

3- Channel Identification Process:

You need to determine the channels through which your campaign should be communicated to your customers. For example
social media
channels, online ads (Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Youtube Ads), SMS marketing, bulk e-mail, influencer communication, affilate marketing.

4- Creative Process:

The texts that best express your campaign,
graphic design
This is an important process in which your work, banners, and creative social media designs will be created and your campaign will express itself in the eyes of your customers.

5- Measurement:

You can measure the contribution of your campaign to turnover in many areas such as banners, online advertising images, click-through rates, mailing, conversion optimization.


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