Social media is now a unique marketing tool for those who want to reach large audiences. Especially on Facebook, where more than 1.5 billion people are members, there are many examples where brands have become stars with a good marketing strategy.

What brands most often overlook when developing marketing strategies suitable for social media is the behavior of their target audience. Companies that do not know when their target audience is online can waste ideas by sharing their content at inappropriate times. In this respect, analyzing the target audience is one of the golden rules of marketing on social media.

So, how should target audience analysis be done?

1- The target audience of the brand should actually be targeted on social media and should be treated accordingly. For example, if a brand that appeals to housewives is doing social media work, it should take steps according to their wishes and behaviors.

2- Analyze the hours during which the target audience is active. Sharing content according to active hours will make the brand successful.

3- The behavior of the target audience should be examined. The tone should be set according to these behaviors. Brands that appeal to niche audiences will get more engagement when they share in their language.

4- Demographic information should be examined. The target audience’s income level, whether they are married or single, and their level of education are all variables and a strategy should be determined according to all of them.

5- Studies should be conducted according to gender. It would be absurd for a brand that appeals to women to post from the mouths of men, wouldn’t it? More people can be reached by using language appropriate to this target audience, which is determined according to the target audience of the brand.

Audience analysis is the lifeblood of social media. Digibus In the social media service we offer to our customers, we put brands through the filter of our own methodology and first analyze the target audience. Because we know very well that this is the most important step of good social media management.

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Author: Salih ÇAKTI
Digibus Kurucusu

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