Due to the Corona virus, the e-commerce sector is both gaining and losing on a sector basis. While sales have fallen in travel agencies, hotels, event companies and e-commerce companies selling luxury goods that take online payments, sales in other sectors have increased significantly.

Instead of going to the grocery store, people who are confined to their homes naturally started to prefer mobile applications such as Bring with mobile payment, Banabi and İsteGelsin. This has had a positive impact on the food sector. Especially orders for toys, card games, etc. are increasing in families with children.

The gamer audience continues their online shopping by buying games. Book and video game sales are also expected to increase.

Thousands of companies that switched to the work-from-home model started to purchase productivity and efficiency software such as webinar software and SaaS applications online.

1- Manage Your Business Remotely

E-Commerce companies must first work efficiently remotely and fully integrate with digital in order to survive this process with minimal damage. In our previous article, we published 10 articles on this topic. You can click below to read this article

10 Ways to Increase Work Productivity in Corona

2- Show How You Fight and Inspire Confidence

During the Corona process, you can share with your customers the important decisions you make in both team and cargo processes. In this sensitive period, every e-commerce initiative that protects its team is more valuable to its customers. As an example of this issue, the founder of Getir, Mr. Nazım Salur’s practical solution showing that they are integrated into the process can be given as an example.

Announce this difficult process you managed during the Corona period to your customers on your website and social media channels. The e-commerce process can be managed from home, except for logistics and warehousing. Even the call center can somehow be managed from home. But the decisions you make during the logistics and warehouse process will positively affect your customers and prospects. These decisions can be about disinfectants that touch the products and are used by the team during the shipment of the products, disinfection of the warehouse, etc.

3- Get Help from Your Company Doctor

E-commerce companies that are obliged to have a company doctor can share and implement the decisions taken with the help of the company doctor with their customers. If you do not have a company doctor, you can work with a doctor or a qualified health professional as a consultant on this issue and express that you are managing this process.

In this way, you can present the measures you take both in distribution and within the company to your customers and ensure that they can easily order products from you.

4- Stay in touch with your customers with new content

You can provide information to your customer base by staying in touch, either through mass mailings or your digital assets. In this difficult process, you can generate ideas that will make your customers feel better and turn them into digital content such as videos, gifs, blog posts and images.

Remember, your target audience is also experiencing the stress and distress you are experiencing. Provided that it is not too different from your industry, you can produce content that will make your target audience feel better.

For example, an e-commerce company selling health products can explain how to use these products more effectively, while an e-commerce company selling clothes can talk about how and at what temperature clothes should be washed during the Corona period.

5- Differentiate Your Products

Since there will be a lot of time spent at home during the Corona period and families will spend more time together, you can differentiate the products you sell through e-commerce.

If you are selling toys, you can develop group products such as math sets, IT sets. I think every sector has a product group that will be integrated into this process. While the health sector creates a package in the form of a family health kit, different sectors can create disinfectant gifts or free shipping campaigns.

Take care of yourself and hope you get through this period as soon as possible.

Author: Salih ÇAKTI
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