Software and IT companies that sell services and products must establish effective support mechanisms in order to satisfy their customers and ensure continuity in their operations. Companies that meet support requests and respond to their customers through infrastructures such as or are able to scale which support staff responds to how many support requests and customer satisfaction thanks to these infrastructures.

With support staff who have a sufficient skill set, such support portals satisfy customers and ensure continuity of service. Not only the skill set, but also a sufficient number of support staff.

If we make a simple calculation, we can reach the following results;

Employee Cost 4.500 TL
Weekly Working Hours 40 Hours
Daily Working Hours 8 Hours
Hour Cost 112.5 TL
Number of Tickets per Day 50 pieces
Single Ticket Answering Cost 18 TL

When you make your support platforms sales-oriented, you can easily generate revenue far above your ticket answering costs, and you can subtract the cost of your support department and make a profit on it.

Customers who are experiencing problems and looking for solutions to their problems generally constitute a more saleable customer group. For example, if the software package they have purchased does not allow them to do the things they want to do, they can easily upgrade to a higher package.

Just solving the problem ensures business continuity and customer satisfaction. It is very important not to forget these customers when you include them in your internal processes as a result of digital communication and marketing activities through online platforms. Customers who convert into sales are usually more likely to be customers who can easily buy your other products and additional features.

Apart from product support centers, product usage panels installed in extensions such as or are areas where customers always log in and use your products. These infrastructures can enable you to promote your new features and cross-sell through online platforms.

If we make a simple calculation, we can reach the following results. The control panel of a product with 1,000 active users can be accessed a minimum of 1,000 times per day. This rate increases even more when we calculate it as plural rather than singular. These control panels that you manage, which allow you to make digital communication only with advertising materials without using an extra advertising budget, create a good advantage for you in marketing.

So what can we do to make support centers and dashboards more sales-oriented?

1- Include New Features and Campaigns on Login Screens

The support center and dashboard login screens have a lot of space to be used as interfaces. You can use it by dividing the area with login information and the area where you add the campaign or announcement image.

Thanks to the banner links that you can measure with UTM codes, you can measure visitors and sales through digital platforms. In addition, in this way, you will take an important step towards increasing your brand loyalty by showing the message you want directly to the person using the product.

If a user logs into your control panel and support portal more than once a day, you can show multiple banners to these users with a small adjustment you will make on the software side.

Misuse Example
Example of Correct Use

2- Including Campaigns in Signatures Under Ticket

Many of the after-sales support systems consist of open source software. It has a customizable infrastructure in non-open source software. By placing each new campaign and announcement as a text or banner in the signature area below the answered support requests, you will directly inform the relevant audience. Again, since this can be tracked with text or banner ref codes, you can see how many visitors you receive or how many leads you collect on Google Analytics.

3- Ticket Tag System

The customer support center is one of the platforms where you collect the most vital data about your product or service and one of the most suitable platforms for business development. In the support center, you touch the customer and see what the customer really needs. Many times the customer develops the business but doesn’t realize it. What you need to do here is to take this information and share it with the sales and marketing departments and continue to grow your business.

We have built a sample tag system below. You can configure this tag system according to your own product features, sales and marketing department.

The problem Tag Related Department
The features in the package are not enough #yetersizpaket Sale
Too many customers opening tickets #eğitim Marketing
Cannot perform X operation #eğitim Marketing
Module needs #yenimodül Sale
Y overdue #süreaşımı Sale

You can integrate support requests that can be converted into sales, marketing and even business development into your internal processes with relevant tags.

4- Employee Training

The most important item among these items is employee training. If your employees do not think and act in a sales-oriented way, the above items will not contribute much to your company.

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