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Social media is a boon for target audience-oriented advertisements as it hosts large audiences. The advertisements given using these areas are prepared directly for the target audience and are the works that have the fastest effect on the desired result. Social media, or rather creating ads in the online world, is part of a social media strategy. Creating ads in accordance with this strategy, identifying the target audience to show these ads, and creating campaigns to get the best results require great expertise.

Advertising on social media is a simple task, but getting the best results from it requires expertise. The answers to many questions such as which ads get interaction on Facebook, which content should appear as ads, when to show ads in which area on Instagram, how to use Twitter ads effectively, what to pay attention to when placing Google ads are part of the expertise.

Digibus, with its long years of experience in the sector, designs the best advertisement in a way that will get the most results and realizes the online advertisement management of its customers. With our work, the growth of brands or individuals in the digital world, which are presented with the most efficient advertisement focused on their target audience, is accelerated in these areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Advertising Management?

It is the publication of the brand’s advertisements on channels such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and the management of these advertisements.

What is Considered in Online Advertising Management?

When advertising online, attention is paid to the rules of the medium, the brand’s strategy and campaign periods, and advertisements are created according to these variables.

Which Advertising Medium is Selected?

The channels where the brand will get the most return with its advertisement are selected and campaign fictions are applied to these channels. For example, while the ads of a B2C company are shown on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, platforms such as Linkedin are preferred for B2B.

What is included in Online Ads Management Service?

This service includes the creation of the advertising campaign, determination of the target audience, preparation and submission for approval of appropriate advertising content, determination of the budget and medium, and reporting of the returns received as a result of all these.

Is Online Advertising Management Essential?

Advertising management is a must for people and brands with limited organic growth opportunities.

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