Social Media Campaign Management

There are many ways to reach the target audience on social media. It is important to produce regular and quality content, share it according to specific plans and keep the audience fresh. But this alone may not be enough. One of the methods to be used to bring a brand to more people on social mediais to organize campaigns. Campaigns, offering small gifts, discounts or organizing contests can be used to increase engagement. Increased engagement leads to more followers, which in turn leads to more people knowing and being able to reach them directly.

Thanks to social media campaign management, individuals or organizations can reach hundreds of thousands of people with small budgets. These campaigns can also be included in the advertising budget while the advertising budget is being designed and as a result, it may be possible to reach more people. In these campaigns, methods such as giving gifts to one or more people through a lottery, offering discounts to those who meet certain criteria or providing discounts to certain people, organizing contests may be preferred.

As Digibus, we organize campaigns for our customers within certain periods and in certain periods in line with their demands and requests. With these campaigns, we can reach hundreds of thousands of people and bring our customers to more people on social media. The campaigns we create are more creative campaigns rather than classic sweepstakes. To date, the campaigns we have organized on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter have been very popular.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Social Media Campaign?

To reach more people on social media, it is to share posts that increase interaction such as sweepstakes or contests for the person or organization.

What Makes a Successful Social Media Campaign?

For a social media campaign to be successful, interaction must be high and the people who interact must be the target audience. If an audience that is constantly participating in sweepstakes is involved in these campaigns, it reduces success.

How Often to Run a Social Media Campaign?

Depending on the budget and demand of the customer and the scope of the social media work, it may be necessary to organize a campaign every two weeks, month or two to three months.

What is included in Social Media Campaign Management?

This service includes setting up the campaign, organizing social media advertising for more interaction, finalizing the raffle, reaching the winners, sending gifts and reporting.

How can we help you?

You can contact us for information about sales, customer requests and business partnerships.

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