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Opening a social media account and starting to share posts from these accounts means completing half of the distance to be covered. However, it should be known that in a good social media work, it is necessary to create everything completely and to appear in front of the users in a complete way. One of the most important stages of social media account management is the commissioning of graphic works to be used in social media accounts and the realization of design dressing at the very beginning of the work. When a person or organization will be on social media, it has to have a design work done in a way that best reflects its corporate identity.

Design work is a multidimensional process. Design work starts with the corporate identity prepared for the person or organization. Corporate identity has to be the main point of social media design. The dominant colors of the logo or the colors that must be used in the corporate identity are determined and design works are carried out using them. This design work includes both profile photo and cover designs, which is known as design dress-up, as well as preparing sharing templates to be used on social media.

As Digibus, we work with quality graphic designers and prepare the best design work for people or organizations that want social media work from us or just want social media design services. Thanks to our expert staff, we offer our customers design works that will represent the brand or person in the best way on social media.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Social Media Design Service?

To prepare profile photos and cover images for people or organizations that will take part in social media, and to create sharing templates with them. All of this should be integrated and should be eye-catching.

Which Criteria are Used in Social Media Designs?

In the corporate identity plan of the person or organization, studies are carried out by considering the design rules. Dominant colors are preferred, especially sharing templates are designed in a way that does not get in the way of the content and supports the content.

What is Included in Social Media Design Service?

Within the scope of this study, profile photos, cover images for social media accounts and sharing templates to be used in content sharing are prepared for customers. In this context, designs that create integrity and attract attention are made for each social media platform requested.

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