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Crisis management is a specialty in itself. The scope of crisis management is to prepare scenarios for all negative situations that may occur in a study or an organization and to determine the steps to be taken according to these scenarios. The social media management dimension of this is online crisis management. Online crisis management can be defined as moderating the crisis that may occur on social media platforms and removing the person or organization from this crisis environment with minimal damage. Nowadays, online crisis situations, which are frequently experienced by large companies, can cause great damage to the brand if measures are not taken.

Online Crisis management is a roadmap of how a brand or individual will behave on social media platforms in the event of a crisis. The situations identified according to this roadmap are evaluated at the time of the crisis and ensure that the crisis does not grow too big or ends. This is something that requires experience.

As Digibus, we also provide online crisis management services in the social media management we offer to our customers. For this purpose, as a result of meetings with the brand or person, all possible crisis situations are discussed and solutions for each possible crisis are determined before the crisis starts. In this way, crises arising from the identified situations are intervened immediately and the growth of the crisis is prevented or the crisis is completely eliminated. In the event of a different crisis, the measures that can be taken are determined in the fastest way possible thanks to our experience and the crisis is intervened.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Online Crisis Management?

It is to take precautions in advance about the crisis situations that the brand or person will experience in digital channels, which will cause great damage to online or real reputation, and to implement these measures.

What is included in Online Crisis Management Service?

Identifying possible crises, determining the steps to be taken for their solution, and intervening in the event of a crisis different from the possible crisis situations are all within the scope of the study.

What Measures Are Implemented in Online Crisis Management?

Depending on the size and content of the crisis, all measures from simple to major measures are applied to the crisis. An explanation, restitution or denial are some of these measures. At other times, it may be necessary not to intervene at all. We can determine this by deciding as a result of our experience.

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