International Social Media Management

One of the opportunities offered by social media is the ability to address the whole world. Addressing different target audiences in different languages is more complicated than social media management. The behavior of the target audience, the culture of that country, the different platforms they spend time on social media, and the language of social media should be analyzed and a social media strategy should be developed accordingly. Considering all these variables, international social media management will not be as easy as social media management for our country.

International social media management depends first of all on knowing the culture of the audience. Absorbing different cultures and interacting with them is one of the characteristics that should be present in people who will address these audiences. It is then important to know which platforms those audiences use. This is because a social media platform that is actively used in one country may not be actively used in another. Many such parameters are among the factors affecting international social media management.

As Digibus, we have a team that can address people living in different languages and cultures. When we manage social media accounts in different languages requested by our customers, we take into account many variables, work according to cultures and bring our customers to large audiences in different countries. We worked in 4 different languages for some of the clients we have served before, and we shared our work by paying attention to cultural elements. With these efforts, we develop and implement social media communication strategies for the MENA, EMEA and APAC regions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is International Social Media Management?

Developing social media strategies in different languages, appealing to different cultures, on different platforms and sharing content in accordance with these strategies.

What is included in the International Social Media Management Service?

For our customers who request this service, we develop social media strategies in different languages, create content plans in accordance with these strategies, perform account management and report on these activities in the requested periods.

Which Regions Does International Social Media Management Service Address?

We develop and implement social media communication strategies mostly for MENA, EMEA and APAC regions.

In Which Languages Does Digibus Provide Social Media Services?

As Digibus, in multilingual social media account management, we do social media work in English, Arabic, French, Azeri Turkish, Russian and German languages besides Turkish.

How can we help you?

You can contact us for information about sales, customer requests and business partnerships.

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Administrative Manager, Medikent Hospital

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