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Social media has created a communication revolution with the advantages it offers to its users. Today, people from all over the world communicate with each other using social media channels. Therefore, companies have the opportunity to reach people all over the world. A brand can address people of different nationalities in its target audience at the same time. There may be a multilingual account management situation in social media account management. In this case, the social media strategy and social media content calendar are determined accordingly, and content is organized and shared in two or more languages.

Although multilingual social media account management may seem like a simple task, it is quite complicated as it is based on appealing to different target audiences. In this respect, multilingual social media account management requires expertise. This expertise includes both social media expertise and expertise in addressing different target audiences.

As Digibus, we carry out multilingual social media account management work in the best way with years of experience and the power of multilingual brands we work with. In particular, the work we have done for our previous clients, which is done in four languages at the same time, makes us preferable in this sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Real Time Marketing?

Creating content using a topic or situation that is on the agenda on social media or in real life and increasing interaction by sharing it.

Does Real-Time Marketing Work in Every Situation?

Agendas that may be appropriate for the brand’s social media strategy and that are directly relevant to the topic are evaluated and implemented within this scope. Any agenda that does not fall within this scope is bypassed within the scope of social media strategy.

Which Channels are Used to Achieve the Most Interaction?

In this regard, the channel where the brand is strongest is determined and posts are made on these channels when the interest in the agenda is at the highest level.

What is included in the Real-Time Marketing Service?

Content used in real-time marketing is already part of the content calendar in social media account management. Only the amount and the time are not fixed. In this respect, any real-time marketing content that does not require overproduction is within the scope of social media account management.

How often is real-time marketing done?

This does not have a quantity. It can be done two days in a row or not even once a month.

How can we help you?

You can contact us for information about sales, customer requests and business partnerships.

We would like to express our sincere thanks for creating the new face of our website with a unique structure with a great personality and for your dedicated work in the field of digital marketing. We hope that our long years of cooperation will be full of success.

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